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Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Digg. Stumbleupon. Furl. Sphinn. Blogging. These are all words that companies know should be used in marketing meetings. But what exactly is Social Media? And how can you bring the benefits of social media marketing to your company?

Right Message + To Right People + The Right Conversation = Social Media Marketing

It all starts here. We establish your presence on those social networks that will provide the most benefit to your business. Options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and many others as far they fit to your company profile. Every aspect of our communications activities is grounded in our clients' business objectives. We make it our aim to know each client's goals inside out, allowing us to achieve impressive results. Our Core focus is on utilizing Social Media Marketing & Viral Marketing strategies that will help you to improve the visibility of your product & services through social media network.


Our goal is to grow your organization’s social media exposure in order to improve brand awareness, build engagement with you customers and/or prospects and to generate more sales and leads to your website. We accomplish this goal my developing a creative and effective strategy that fits your business and your company culture. Once we have a solid plan, we will implement the plan in order to grow your social media follow and to train your team to get the most out of your new strategy.


AdTraffic has a strong track record in social media optimization, helping businesses utilise social media to strengthen the relationship between themselves and their customers. From small consultancies with just a few high value clients; to large consumer facing businesses with thousands of active customers, we’ve demonstrated how social media is an essential channel for every business to exploit. We manage sophisticated lead capture campaigns that involve not just fans or tweets but also include e-mail addresses, names and addresses of prospects, as well as cellular phone numbers

Viral Marketing

"Viral Marketing works on the principle ‘word-of-mouth’. It is an effective way to get your brand noticed in a short span of time to a number of users based anywhere in the world. A clearly defined social media strategy is the key to commercial success from social media. We‘ve developed a flexible strategy and planning process which will help you use social media throughout your business. We work across a variety of social media tools and platforms; they are well-placed to educate your internal team about the latest trends and most up-to-date policies within the digital industry. "


We can help you set up Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media networking sites. We can show you how to efficiently add content to those pages so that it doesn’t take up all your time. We can transform your social media pages to become exciting and engaging places for your customers to interact.


We can show you how to distribute your social media content effectively across the web. From social bookmarking to editorial links, we can help to ensure that your social media content is highly visible.

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