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When it comes to advertising online, the most effective way of delivering paid traffic to your site is with a successful paid search campaign. Achieving this however, poses a stern challenge. Anyone can set up paid search campaigns using platforms such as Google AdWords, it’s easy. What’s a lot more difficult though is making your paid search campaign work for you. This can only be achieved if your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is well managed by knowledgeable experts with technical know-how and a creative edge – something we have in abundance. We thrive on PPC advertising at AdTraffic, because we’re good at it. Whether you’re a small start up, or an established multinational, we have experience of creating highly targeted paid search campaigns for companies across a wide range of industries. So what’s the bottom line for your business? PPC is all about boosting traffic to your site, which will convert into sales, meaning a greater return on investment. Sounds good? Come speak to the experts.

Choosing AdTraffic For Your PPC Management:
  • We live and breathe PPC
  • It’s the business of numbers and analytics – which we love
  • You keep complete control of your accounts
  • We’re committed to optimising and refining your account, helping to improve ROI
  • We’re results driven and take a personal interest in seeing your campaign succeed
  • Transparent reporting means you will always know what’s happening
  • We’re at the forefront of PPC knowledge, always up-to-date with the latest developments

Successful online marketing requires a combination of skills. Our team of AdWords Qualified experts possess the technical, analytical and creative abilities to develop highly targeted paid search campaigns – allowing your business to thrive online. You need to know that your PPC campaign is in safe hands. At AdTraffic, we work hard to understand your audience and what works best for them. This allows us to create highly targeted campaigns suited to your needs.

We Offer Even More PPC Services

There’s a lot more to PPC than meets the eye. As such, we offer a variety of additional PPC services:

We’ll thoroughly analyse your existing paid search campaigns, establishing ways to cut costs and further target your adverts to help improve results. Audits can be fun!
When it comes to PPC, your first port of call is Google, and in the UK, over 90% of searches are performed on their search engine. Their Google AdWords advertising platform allows you to target your company to those looking for your products and services, provided you account is managed effectively.
Just because Google are the biggest player, it doesn’t mean that other search engines should be ignored. With Microsoft adCenter you can target users on Yahoo and Bing, for a huge source of potential revenue. You can also get the jump on your competitors, and we can help you to tap into a whole new audience.
Get your adverts seen on relevant websites. This means we can highlight your business on other websites that your audience will be visiting. Display advertising is a great way of building on your existing search engine advertising.
Being the world’s largest social network, Facebook offers an unrivalled source of potential traffic. Don’t get left out in the cold, let us manage your Facebook advertising, it’ll pay dividends.
We love making sure your ads get seen, whatever websites your audience are looking at. With our remarketing and retargeting service, your ads will be able to follow your audience wherever they go. Clever right?

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