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Who is AdTraffic ?

We established AdTraffic in 2012 . AdTraffic has a unique formula of preforming marketing campaigns. We represent a group of professional freelancers based in Enterprises as marketing experts; we take care of your business targets as a personal matter. Because we have daily experience by lunching campaigns all over the world, we have the knowhow of spending you money wisely. We work with hi-tech tools which are only available for giant Enterprises. We’ve years of experience on each part of the online media business, and helped our clients to profit by this unique structure of cooperation. We have remained true to our business principles!

What is our mission ?

"Our mission is to help our clients to succeed by building creative, revenue driven solutions to increase online sales, leads, donations and brand awareness. We believe in a strategy that combines out-of-the-box unique marketing techniques with data driven analytics and testing to ensure that our clients are achieving the highest possible (ROI) return on investment for their marketing budgets.

What do we focus on ?

Focus on the ROI (Return On Investment)

We want to see the numbers: CPA, CPC, CPL, and ROI. If we can’t measure it, we can’t put a figure on it, and we can’t improve it. That doesn’t mean we don’t believe in brands. But we don’t think you get a brand by spending money on advertising you can’t measure."

When should you contact us ?

We`re always online for you! It may be online But it’s still a people business. Automated campaign management is great when objectives don’t change, and you can rely on customers to behave predictably, but in the real world things change. And when that happens you need an experienced specialist on hand to work out what’s changed and how to take advantage of it. Service level and performance level agreements.

What do you want ?

You want guaranteed service. You want guaranteed performance. At AdTraffic we give you both."

Need Support?

+31(0)30-808-02-86 (Netherlands)

AdTraffic Marketing Solutions
Markt 118
3431LC Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

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